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Student Life

Cost of Living in Taipei

We have a breakdown of typical student spending in Taipei.  It is important to note that these figures are estimates (in NTD$) and depending on a student's circumstances, costs may vary. 


Living Cost Estimates 2021/2022

A full year

Monthly costs

On-Campus Housing *^



Meals (excluding meals out)





Monthly passes available

National Health Insurance



Others (e.g. mobile phone bill, socialising, laundry, photocopying and printing




NTD 190,162

(USD 6,792)

NTD 17,347

(USD 620)

*based on a three-/four-bed dormitory room

^excluding energy bill and internet fee

**USD 1 NTD 28 (estimated conversion)


PRIVATE managed housing, including fully furnished studios or apartments, are also available around San-Hsia Campus.  They cost roughly between NTD 4,000 and NTD 10,000 per month excluding bills.  The University does not offer help in finding off-campus accommodation, however, information can be found in various rental websites, such as


EATING plays an important part for the daily life of a typical Taiwanese and inexpensive food can be found in different corners.  One of the favourites for many international students is the convenient stores, such as Fami Mart and 7-Eleven, where cheap and microwavable meals can be found.  If you fancy some fresh veg and fruit, or in the mood of cooking, there is a farmers’ market close to San-Hsia Old Street where you can find ingredients with cheaper price. 


BUS fare in Taipei is standarised and can be paid in cash or with contactless smart cards on board.  One segment ticket costs NTD$15 or NTD$12 with Easy Card.  More discount is available when you transfer between Taipei Metro and bus within an hour.  Your student ID card can also be used as an Easy Card, which is used when traveling on all types of Taipei public transportation.  You can also buy the monthly pass “All Pass Ticket”, which offers unlimited access to Taipei Metro, public buses and YouBike system for NTD$1280.