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After being admitted by NTPU, you need to apply for a Residential Visa from the embassies and missions in your local country. 

There are two ways for you to apply for a Residential Visa,

  1. You can contact the nearest Taiwanese embassy, consulate, or representative office in your country of residence.
  2. If you are already in Taiwan with a Visitor Visa and qualified for applying for a Resident Visa with the purpose of undertaking studies, you can go to the Bureau of Consular Affairs, or any of its branch offices for application. 

    Taiwan has over 109 embassies and missions in 73 countries. If there are no Taiwanese embassies or missions in your country, you can contact the nearest one in your neighbouring countries or any embassies and missions around the world at your convenience.  To find the embassies and missions, please check the List of Embassies and Missions

Required Documents for Foreign Student Resident Visa



1.Application Form

Fill out the application form online via here and print it out.  Make sure the application form shows a bar code on it.  Sign the application form.

2.Two Colour Passport-Size Photos

Two white-background colour photos@3.5cm*4.5cm taken within the last six months

3.Passport and One Photocopy of the Passport

The passport must be valid for at least 6 months and there are blank pages left in it.  One photocopy of the passport bio-page including the holder’s picture is required.

4.Original and One Photocopy of Health Certificate

The health certificate should be issued within 3 months by one of the local hospitals designated by the Centers for Disease Control of Ministry of Health and Welfare of the R.O.C. (Taiwan) or a foreign hospital.

Health certificates issued by foreign hospitals must be authenticated by a Taiwanese overseas mission.

Visit Centers for Disease Control for the list of designated hospitals in Taiwan and overseas.

5.Original and One Photocopy of Admission Permit

The admission permit issued by NTPI

Applicants who are eligible to shift their valid visa from current purpose to the resident visa for student purpose are required to present the record of enrolment and registration as well as transcripts.

6.Original and One Photocopy of Highest Education Diploma and Transcripts

For diplomas and transcripts issued in other country, the original documents should attach with a Chinese or English translation

The original documents and their translation must be authenticated by a Taiwanese overseas mission located in the country the documents were issues or the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan.

7.Original and One Photocopy of Proof of Financial Support

Bank statements or records of remittance provided by yourself or your relatives within the third degree of kinship (grandparents, parents and siblings).

*Bank statements or records of remittance supported by your relatives must be submitted along with the household registration/ birth certificate/ family book which may prove the relationship of relative.

*The amount showing on the bank statements or records of remittance, when the visa application is submitted, must be sufficient for at least a consecutive 6 months living needs (minimum USD$300 per month).

*The scholarship certificate must indicate the duration and the exact amount of the scholarship.

8.Other Supporting Documents

The Documents listed below are required on a case-by-case basis:

  1. The purpose for visiting Taiwan,
  2. Consent from parents and the guardian in Taiwan,
  3. Guarantee letter,
  4. Police Criminal Record Certificate,
  5. Language ability certificate,
  6. Photocopies of the Visitor Visa and the immigration entry stamp.


For more information:

Visa Fees


Passport Holders of All Countries Except the US

US Passport Holders

Multiple Entries Resident Visa

NT$4400 (USD$132)

NT$4480 (USD$160)

Special Handling Fee (Converting Visa Types Inside Taiwan)

NT$800 (USD$24)


For more information: