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Dean's Message


Dear ICSI Members,

I am pleased to welcome you all to the 2021-2022 academic year at ICSI.Over a year into the pandemic, the world has been profoundly affected.Overseas air travel is significantly reduced,and learning is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms.Despite such changes and uncertainty, I applaud you for persisting on this path to continue your education.  

Your roots to grow from and come back to. 

I was once in your place, an international student new to a foreign country.Even though it was demanding at the start, but with this experience, I deepened my subject knowledge, befriended people from across the world, and embraced the changes society had on me. Most probably you will go through a similar experience, but I hope you remember at the start of your journey: you are not alone, because we are here with you. 

ICSI is the youngest college in National Taipei University, only established in 2019. Our student body is comprised of young people from different countries. This community is driven by a shared mission to jointly explore the world’s knowledge, while support the diversity among us. ICSI strives to provide a warm and friendly learning environment, with integrated teaching and research resources.Our programs are designed to be in line with global changes as well as local circumstances, which together would offer you a broad spectrum of exceptional studying experiences. 

ICSI is located in the Sanxia campus, which has been voted as northern Taiwan’s most beautiful campus and is facilitated with quick and convenient access to Taipei city centre.This unique geographic position allows you, along with other local and international students, easy reach to both the richness of urban lifestyle and a tranquil setting when hitting the books. 

Since the worldwide outbreak last year,Taiwan has been fortunate combating Covid 19 pandemic.The cooperation between citizens and governments,application of information technology, constant reviews,and improvements of policy measures, all of which contribute to why our society overcame the challenges. Today you will join this community in fighting the pandemic, the experience of which would provide you a good glimpse of this island’s social culture. 

An Exciting Academic Year

As we embark together on this exciting academic year, I very much look forward to witnessing your growth. I am grateful to have this opportunity to collaborate with and be a part of your experience. 

With my best wishes,

Wann-Ming Wey

Distinguished Professor
Dean of the Faculty
International College of Sustainability Innovations