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Coronavirus Protective Measures (2023.03update)

The safety and wellbeing of our students remain our highest priority. We have a number of measures in place to help keep everyone safe.  Find the latest advice on how to stay on campus.



1.Test positive with a rapid test 

If you have any symptom such as fever, coughs, or shortness of breath, whether or not you are taking any cough suppressants/antipyretics,please do a rapid test.,


 If you test positive, please seek medical attention as soon as possible and have your test result confirmed by a doctor through a telemedicine/video consultation


If it is diagnosed or positive in the rapid test, please notify the Health Care Section, and carry out the self-management for 0-10 days. However, if it is negative in the rapid test, the self-management period can be ended early. Please follow to the announcement, “自主健康管理對象應遵守及注意事項”, of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and please take personal protection to go to class and work.


2.Quaratine information

Start from 2023/03/20,Considering that most of the campus venues are close-distance and group activities, it is recommended that individuals with mild or no symptoms are advised to rest at home at least six days (the 0th day inclusive) for self-management and to avoid going to school. If the rapid test is negative on the 6th day, the self-management period can be ended early.


It is necessary to keep good personal hygiene, such as washing hands frequently and maintaining cough etiquette. Those who have not yet fully vaccinated against COVID-19, please complete the vaccination as soon as possible to jointly protect the health and safety of the campus.


For more information about covid-19 news from CDC,please click here