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Living on campus is the most popular option for ICSI students, as it is cheaper and has amenities including a shared kitchen, gym, and laundry room.  Each room is air-conditioned and has a balcony.  The accommodations are located right next to Mind Lake and within 5-minute walking distance to the ICSI office and all lecture rooms on the campus. 


You may find more information about the rooms, facilities, and costs here and the location from the University map

HOUSING.  As a rule of thumb, the university accommodation is a much cheaper option if you live on budget.  Otherwise, fully furnished studios or apartments managed by private sectors are available around San-Hsia Campus.  They cost roughly between NTD 4,000 and NTD 12,000 per month excluding bills.  The University does not offer help in finding off-campus accommodation, however, information can be found in various rental websites, such as