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2022 ICSI One Day Field Trip



One Day Trip Information :

Date : 2022/11/18,Friday

Time : 8.30am to 5.00pm 


Hsinchu is a small but early developed city with fruitful culture, high-end technology and natural resources.

The ICSI has arranged a one-day field trip visiting Hsinchu and exploring the amazing stories of the city. 


For the visit to Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI),

we will go through how they apply the technology on the fields in healthcare and sustainable development.

Let's have a glance at how technology helps to make life better.


While for the visit to the Spring Pool Glass Tourism Factory

the culture for handmade glasses, the implement way for circular economy as well as those dazzling glass products will definitely attract your eyesight.


At the end of the tour, Siangshan Wetland, is definitely the heaven for the sea creature here.

The abundant organic salt and the clean environment supply the source of life for the crabs, oysters and the water birds, which also contribute to the high biodiversity in the wetland. The lifestyle and culture for people living nearby the wetland is also worthy of exploration during the visit.


Welcome to have fun together ! Hope to see you soon ! 


For the registration of the trip, please link to the Registraion form and it ends on Oct. 25th.